What Is Creative Photo Manipulation In Photoshop?

photo manipulation

Have you ever taken multiple photos of the same person or thing because you are not happy with the results? It happens with everyone. Earlier, we did not have much choice and had to accept any photo regardless of its quality.

Why use photo manipulation? 

photo manipulation

Fortunately, technological advances have brought about a revolution in photography. Not only can people take digital photos with their mobile phones, but they can also make changes and alter the results too easily. 

Many photo editing software programs allow users to touch up, change, and create desirable results. Photoshop is one such photo editing software, which is immensely popular with both amateurs and professional photographers. 

Creative manipulation of photos

Creative photo manipulation requires creative thinking for perfect results. It is not just about cutting, pasting, or adding some elements to any image. Before starting, it is necessary to have a clear idea about the final image and use the proper techniques to achieve that result. 

There are some areas where photo manipulation is useful: 

  • Advertisements: photos and images are manipulated to create the most eye-catching images to attract customers. 
  • Magazine covers: the cover of a magazine lets people know what to expect inside. Many fashion magazines have models or actors on their cover and want to showcase them perfectly. They use photoshop or other editing software to alter and manipulate the images.
  • Brochures and banners: image manipulation is necessary for brochures and banners. Different images and texts are combined to make them look attractive and give all the required information. 
  • Website: in this day and age, good virtual marketing can do wonders for any company. Image manipulation is common on websites. The better ones have smooth, well-executed image manipulations that users are usually not even able to detect. 
  • Social Media: who does not want to look good on social media? After all, the number of likes you get is essential. People often use specific editing software and filters to make their photos look more attractive. 

How best to manipulate photos? 

However, you manipulate images; you need to understand perspective, lighting, color, and framing. 
·        Use images that work together well

You will get better results when you combine complimentary photos. If you use two photos that are different in every regard, including lighting and perspective, you will need to edit too much. The more you edit the photos, the harder your work gets. 
·        Right perspective

Getting the perspective right is essential because that is what gives an authentic feel to any photo. Altering lighting and color in photoshop can be managed, but altering perspective can be challenging. 
·        Lighting & color

It would be best if you were sure that the colours match when you bring two images together. Match the darkest colours first so that the shadows do not look wrong. Look at the brightness, contrast, shadows, and highlights, and make sure to blend them well.

The glowing elephant in the fantasy mystical forest little girl fantasy, animal, surreal, illustrations, glowing, landscape


Photo manipulation is not a new phenomenon. Photographers have been trying different things, though in a limited way, for a long time. There is a limit to what can be achieved manually, and with better technology, photo manipulation has become better and more widespread. There is no harm in presenting a photo in the best way possible. A little photo manipulation can go a long way in getting the best results. 

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