What Makes A Good Book Cover Stand Out


It is rightly said that ‘you should not judge a book by its cover,’ but it may not always be true. The fact is that the cover of a book does sell the story. A book cover has to be eye-catching for them to pick it up from a bookshelf. Without this, they will never know what the story is all about. What makes for a good book cover? To be able to sell more copies of a book, it is essential to consider all the factors that go into making a book cover. 

Connect with the readers


Whatever the book is about, the cover needs to convey the emotions and connect with the readers. A romance book cover is different from a business book. The book cover should be able to portray the right mood. 

Avoid giving too much detail

After reading a book, you are often disappointed if you watch a movie based on it. A similar thing can happen if you place some characters in a specific way on the book cover. A hint of character or mood is better than particular elements on the book cover. The readers may end up with wrong expectations. 


Avoid fonts that are too fancy or unsuitable to the genre of your book. Feminine fonts go well with romance books but not sports or business books. For a series of books, it is best to go with the same font for all book covers. The size of the fonts is equally important and should be well balanced. 


If you put so much effort into designing a book cover, the blurb should be equally good. It should hook a reader enough to raise their curiosity but not give out all the details. The blurb should have a similar tone to that of the book. Including an author, bio is also quite common. The fonts and colors are all very important. 

Could you keep it simple yet polished?


You may design the book cover yourself or take the help of a professional, but the important thing is to remember that it is the story that matters. Keep the book cover exciting and attractive but do not let it take away from the book. Similarly, do not make the book cover so unpolished that nobody gives the book a chance. This balance is important for the book to be sold and eventually read by more people. 

Think like a reader

If you are in conflict about the book cover, put yourself in your readers’ shoes. Who are your target readers? What kind of people will be interested in the book? This will help you decide and design an appropriate book cover. 


Every year so many books are published. A good book cover needs to communicate whether the story inside is worth a reader’s time or not. We know that many readers shop with their eyes. They want book covers that seem familiar yet new and fresh. Get the book covers right to tell the readers a story even before they open a single page. 

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